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Another feature journal, this time with the theme "Vacation"
I've been travelling around a lot this year so that's why I chose this theme c:

So far I have been:
- visiting some friends in Trondheim
- traveled to an anime convention with my best friends
- been 3 weeks in Japan with two of my friends
- visited a dear friend in the northern part of Norway along with another friend
- my sister and I is currently visiting my dad in another part in the north of Norway
- aaand in some days I will attend a family gathering in Trondheim

Upcoming travels:
- planning to attend London MCM Expo in October 
- attending a minor convention in Norway
- visit my dear friend yet again, only at the place where she attends school
- either attend Raptusfestivalen in Bergen or Torucon in Trondheim if I have the time

Now on to the feature:

Tromsø: (I was born and partially raised in this town ;v; )
bridge by FleurDelice Northern Lights #27 by BloodySunday85  Prestvannet by SindreAHN  Ishavskatedralen by Ezekiel1986 Langvannet II by BoholmPhotography

Trondheim by Heleneee  Trondheim by YodMemHal Rainbow over Trondheim by Soravis  Trondheim's church by YankaYou  Trondheim Today no. 3 by br3w0k

Larvik by KuroShiro13  Oceanic by Hestefotograf Misty Autumn Morning by kayjensen Heartshaped by Hestefotograf Autumn in Larvik by Hanspl

Tokyo by orchideesblancs  Tokyo Night by eloque  Tokyo by kucingitem Tokyo Panorama by Keith-Killer  Tokyo Cityscape by matsunuma

My own travel photos (only from the Japan trip):

10926301 10153408423046171 371680431711663462 O by kyokochibi 11406106 10153426781461171 7432614281773847337 O by kyokochibi 11053659 10153408713131171 7757442985477560471 O by kyokochibi 11334274 10153418963691171 965983047981415848 O by kyokochibi 11102881 10153401474291171 3382851909050038581 O by kyokochibi  11312863 10153383914411171 695455658365693128 O by kyokochibi
11009331 10153383914876171 4749757826325801787 O by kyokochibi 11243461 10153383919336171 1925936259739458869 O by kyokochibi 11393415 10153419007251171 4207353380635529595 O by kyokochibi 11265601 10153392431536171 3577057234061298527 O by kyokochibi 1524412 10153404840031171 8536048410916811311 O by kyokochibi 10862628 10153408710411171 2467031939154538950 O by kyokochibi 11080442 10153408428851171 8944782523336228606 O by kyokochibi 11245808 10153408424856171 8865263013035106024 O by kyokochibi 11393267 10153426777321171 1747490366584937841 O by kyokochibi 11270273 10153392388596171 3943175423451309848 O by kyokochibi
Hey and happy 2015 (better late than never)

I'm not thaaat active here anymore, I'm more active on tumblr and PW.
Also I'm busy with work, where I do a lot of doodles.
Might compile some of the sketches into a dump, but need to have them scanned first ;v;

But yeah, it's been a long time since I posted any journals here
And even longer since I posted one of those "monthly features" ^^;

Instead of monthly features, I'll try to feature some stuff whenever I feel like it.
Feel free to send me a note if you have works you want to have featured. 
It can be your own, a friend of yours or just someone completely random. 
As long you include their username and some of their deviations, I'll have them featured next time. 

Here's some amazing works from my favourite folder c:

He is the one named Sailor Man by BarbaricTomato   One umbrella by kitt2506   Persona 5 by kuro-mai   The Future In This Cage by isamegu   Decim by Kyovan

   Happy Valentine's Day ! by Mogoliz   ST-LLAP by Athew   Haikyuu - Karasuno by Miyukiko   Blue Ciel by Miyukiko   APH - Swim Team AU by theartisserie

Sci-Fi Caim | AU by HeliPeach   Happy Birthday to Allen Walker by 69XuXu69   BH6 - Microbots by kata-009   crimson angel of judecca by Fenori  Aeria Gloris by Innocent-raiN
Heyoooo :iconohaiplz:

I have read through all the comments, and will try to reply to every one of them, but life has been busy. 
There were some really nice comments, and some sad ones and if I were rich, I'd buy a 12 m PM for everyone ;v;
It was a little hard to choose a "favorite comment" so I counted all the individual entries and used a random generator. 

According to the random number generator, the winner is puiei~!
Congrats, a 12 month PM is on the way :dummy:

Ey by kyokochibi

I'm going to buy a 12 month PM for myself and don't really know who should receive the other PM. 
Originally, I planned to use the buy 1 get 1, and have 24 month of PM, but it's not available at the moment ;v;

So, to use the offer dA has so graciously given us, I'm going to give away a free 12 month PM for my watchers! 

- Write your favorite holiday memory
examples: best present you have received, something nice you ate, someone you spent the holidays with etc
or simply just tell me how you will spend Christmas Eve this year c: 
This is watchers only, however if you choose to give this PM to a friend, they don't have to watch me

12 month PM for you or a one of your friends

I will choose my favorite comment or use a random generator, depending on amount of entries.

Deadline: roughly 1 week, closes 29th of December
Winner will be announced after this. 

Good luck everyone and happy holidays!


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